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Our company was initially incorporated as a distributor of spray painting equipment in 1972. As time progressed, company operations have expanded to include engineering for various surface treatment technologies, production, sales and post-sale maintenance services.

In accordance with our customers demands, company’s operations also include production of paint cabins, phosphate plants and high pressure water jet machines. Since 1990, we have been specializing in a type of surface treatment technology called Sand Blasting. We have first started as a distributor, importer and marketer of such systems, then moved on to production on-site.

Yuz-Kor headquarters are located in the Zeytinburnu Demirciler Sitesi district of Istanbul. The company’s production plant is located in Gurpinar, Istanbul. All manufacturing, installation, maintenance and engineering services are provided in this facility. Our company is continuing to grow and prove its leadership in this sector with a team of 50 employees that service Engineering, Technical and Management Departments, its manufacturing capacity, products and technical knowledge.

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Yüzey Koruma Sistemleri Pazarlama A.Ş.

Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi
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